The Remembrance Process

What is Life? Really?

When asking this question we have to be wary of assumptions…kind of like “the Earth is flat”.

The place to start in my opinion is NOT KNOWING, which happens to freak out a part of you called Ego, because it believes its job is to know – and be in control.

Life is a Mystery.

You can say what ever you want about it, but at the end of the day, it’s a big fat juicy Mystery! So that brings in the question of “Context”.

Context – The circumstances surrounding an event which allow the event to have meaning.

When you allow the natural perspective that Life is a Mystery to pervade your outlook, you end up seeing your World through the eyes of Wonder. Feel that feeling right now. When you feel that way about Life, how do you feel about yourself?

Could you really take yourself so seriously? Would things have as much “weight” as we give them??  NO, I SAY!

As you try on this perspective, that YOU are a Mystery, notice the feelings of expansion and lightness that arise in your experience. You are closer to lasting Happiness when you live in the Truth.

So, Life is a Mystery……and I have a lot more to say about that, so stay tuned!

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