What is it in Nature we find so enlivening to our being?

As I work on defining what I do for people that equates to real transformation, I find I have an ability to connect people to their sense of wonder in Life. I believe wonder, or “being in the Mystery”, is the thing that is lost on most adults, yet keeps us young, in perspective, flexible and open. And if I feel young, well, feelings precede realities.

Wonder is the awe on the face of a child in a heightened state of discovery...a possibility mind-blow!

The requirements of modern life can put us in a focused rut, so that we forget about how important it is to have “unstructured time in Nature”. When we are in nature, our brain relaxes...there’s research.

When we go to Nature, we are immersed in beauty and we remember how truly magical Life can be at times. This sparks our sense of wonder, one of my very favorite reminders of the Mystery.

Another wonderful result of being in Nature is the sense of “just being”, which is deeply relaxing to our nervous system and our brains. Our parasympathetic nervous system, the part responsible for relaxing, is stimulated merely by viewing images of Nature.

Going into Nature, there are many more measurable benefits, some of which are surprising. “Grounding” is being in direct contact with the Planet, no plastic or rubber between you and Mama Earth, and there is a measurable and beneficial electron exchange that happens as a result of grounding! Who knew? Grounding is also linked to a reduction in inflammation in the body. In the brain, our synapses become more synchronized when we are in Nature. Just think of the feeling of concentration or focus, and notice the contraction or strain. This goes away in Nature and we just notice what crosses our attention. This is proven to be very regenerative and tests have shown an 50% average increase in creative problem solving.

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