Have you ever had the thought, “There’s gotta be more to Life than just this!”

What if you could move from theory to experience and Remember yourself as Soul?

How would that change your relationship to Life, Yourself, and Others?

Mindfulness is the ability to separate your Self identity from you thoughts and emotions.

Einstein talked about separation as an “optical delusion of consciousness” which acts much like a prison for us. he said our job is to do our best to see beyond this delusion...this is that!

Our false Ego is a construct. The word personality has its root in “persona”, which means “mask” in Greek. The Remembrance process is about seeing beyond the Mask, to our authentic Self, and connecting with Life and loved ones from a much deeper unconditional connection.

“It’s hard to believe that only took 15 minutes! I feel like a total reboot happened. The Remembrance Process is a good name. I feel very relaxed and connected.” ~ Eric. B

“Wow, I reached Samadhi for the second time. That was a gift!” ~ D.S., Business Owner

“I knew these things, but I had never connected the dots and seen things, the big picture, the way you made it available. Thank you, Brian. Awesome!” ~ Mike

“Can you repeat that verbatim? That was amazing! I want to feel that all the time!” ~ Matt, Entrepreneur