Life Purpose

Oh, to be alive in such exciting times!

There is a #Shift happening in our society where things that don’t work, or in some way are inauthentic for us, are breaking down. If we don’t release them, they are being wrenched from us. We are being asked to Wake Up!

All of this is good news. It marks the course correction that humanity has been long overdue in making if we are to survive our own ignorance. We are not unlike a cruise ship in a slalom course, far too slow to respond.

This blog is to ask you all to take some time out of your day and sit with the Earth. Note the good feelings that come from this connection. This connection with The Land brings our attention to a pace where we can see the bigger picture, whatever that is for us, and hear the ‘still small voice’ of our Heart.

Don’t worry, it’s just the future of humanity hanging in the balance…

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