Is everything you do for Love?

Love is the feeling of complete acceptance. Love is also when we loose track of our self, when our focus is more concern for ‘others’ than self.  Why does it feel so good?  When we are free of judgement and no longer focused on our own desires and needs (Chakras 1, 2 and 3), we experience wholeness (Chakra 4 ~ Heart)...we are experience the Truth.

Statistically, the happiest people are those who serve in some way. Think about this! Understanding what blocks our inherent loving behavior makes everything in our lives easier and can be profoundly useful toward achieving Flow and transcending drama in your Life.

If you inspect the lessons in your Life you’ll see they are ALL about Love, either being more loving and accepting of yourself, or being more loving and forgiving of others, or Life itself. I think you’ll reach the same conclusion many have, “Life is the School, Love is the Lesson!”

I’ve spent my time and energy dedicated to understanding Life/Love, what it is and how it works. We are in relationship to everything all the time and, most importantly, to ourselves. My personal experience and insights allow me to accelerate the results and happiness of those who come to me for guidance.

From Life Purpose to Conscious Relationship, the answer can be found in understanding our greater Context. The planet and humanity desperately need individuals who are willing to engage in Conscious Evolution, by raising their level of Awareness so their interaction and motivations are driven by Love, Compassion, and Collaboration!

WARNING: Shifts in perspective happen in our first brief call to discuss the possibilities of our working together.  Call me at 760-809-1842.