Now is the Time! We Are The Ones!

What I do for people is see their greatness and hold a space for them to see it. When we love ourselves, truly anything is possible. “How can I?” becomes our mantra. Better relationships, better health, better wealth, more happiness, freedom of expression, just better!

I had an epiphany at the age of 12, after an emotional blow to the heart. Sitting in the woods in New England, asking why I should live, I saw that whatever created me, in the experience called Life, had included things like sunset, birdsong, musical streams, forest sunbeams, flavor and flowers all for my pleasure. They had no bearing on my survival and yet caused me to immediately feel uplifted. I then understood Beauty as the language of this Creator and this Creative Force cares about happiness!

Having this forest experience gave rise to two questions, “What is Life?” and “How shall I live it?”

I studied every perspective I could get my hands on about this Creator and what science understood Life to be. I also studied the people who lived together in harmony and with respect for other life. These would be the cultures who had seen what I’d seen and had found what works.

This path brought me from traditional sweat lodges in 1990, to Joel Goldsmith, a christian mystic, who shone the light on Christ’s message of “I” in 2002, and Adyashanti, an awakened Zen teacher. Also in 2002 I graduated from a Soul-centered Psychology Master’s Degree program at the University of Santa Monica and thus began my coaching practice. Advaita meditation in 2009 came after another “dark-night-of-the-Soul” experience  and with it the possibility of “waking up”, actually being free of ego domination and arriving at the Realization of Oneness.

To be Awake is to realize that all of your perceived limitations are merely ideas, the sense of a separate “you” which you feel is illusory. And to then live from this place of knowing that you are, not only, literally “a player in a play of Consciousness”, but all of the players…and the stage...and the curtains...yup, and the audience, too. What “You” Are is The Big C! Consciousness itself.

This level of personal responsibility scares the shit out of most people! Yet, you are already that responsible, it’s just a matter of owning it!

My background in Spiritual Psychology (Psychosynthesis), Metaphysics and “vision quest” ceremony blend perfectly with the Life Success Map to create Real Transformation for my clients.