Conscious Relationship

I’ve spent my time and energy dedicated to understanding Life/Love, what it is and how it works. We are in relationship to everything and, most importantly, ourselves all the time. My personal experience and insights allow me to accelerate the transformation and happiness of those who come to me for guidance.


The Life Success Map

Want to know how to live a fulfilling Life? What if it’s just a matter of gaining a certain Clarity? Without this clarity you can easily be caught up in the hectic pace of Life, spending years fulfilling other people’s dreams and agendas. Fulfillment in life comes from knowing what you want, what is MOST important, and going after it!


The Remembrance Process

Our false Ego is a construct. The word personality has its root in “persona”, which means “mask” in Greek. The Remembrance Process is about seeing beyond the Mask, to our authentic Self, and connecting with Life and loved ones from a much deeper unconditional connection.



There is a course that I’m in right now, and I was fortunate enough to get connected with Brian for a Passion Test facilitation session. We live in different towns, and we had never met, but within minutes I felt totally at ease. He has a very easy, engaging manner, and laughs easily and warmly. As we got into the material I found his skills and reflections to be of a high calibre. I have experienced a lot of facilitators and counselors in the past decade, and Brian was right up there with the highest quality group.

I appreciated his clarity, his wisdom and blending of the metaphysical with the physical worlds (his analogies were great). I would highly recommend a session with him. He was generous with his time and support, and has a lot to offer. And … this Passion Test thing was powerful and revelatory.

Onno K.

I had a chat with Brian today! I have never gained so much, so fast, from such an easy-going conversation. His energy is powerful and contagious, and I find it very difficult to return to the negative mental state that I had been in before our meeting. I’m all smiles in fact, because I have seen not just through powerful conversation and introspection but also through his energy and presence , just how possible it is for me to be who I feel I should be . Who I desire and deserve to be. Meet with him for a conversation, and you’ll not regret it, to say the least. Best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. He’s a wonderful help and friend.

Ty M.

My partner and I have only met with Brian one time, as of now. We have been going through a very hard time in our relationship since our relocation out West from the East coast this summer. He spent way longer than we had planned during that session. I have never encountered a therapist who would consider spending that kind of time with a client. Brian is clearly very gifted at what he does and very compassionate. We are definitely going to continue with Brian to help us move past our current issues. I feel we are in very wonderful, skilled hands with him. I highly recommend anyone who needs this kind of help to meet with Brian.

Sabine L.

I just started coaching with Brian, went in with very little expectation however to my surprise the first meeting in itself was so fruitful. He really knows how to put one’s mind at ease. I am at that phase where I have doubt starting to creep in on my ability and path and he really knows how to make you feel sure about yourself. I am truly looking forward to more of his coaching lessons and hope to achieve what I have set out to seek! Thanks Brian for all that and more!

Meena K.

Brian was amazing when I hit my lowest point and he came forward with his story and great perspective on how to sort through difficult times in your life to overcome and stay strong through tough times. Brian is very conversational, listens to you, and will help you think and talk through the things in order to identify the root cause of what is going on your life…Inspirational and motivating, Brian will help you think and overcome your issues. Thanks soooo much Brian for the support!

Martin S.

Brian has amazing coaching and listening skills and I would recommend him to everyone! Your time/$$ will be well spent. He has a rare blend of intuition, smarts, wisdom, emotional intelligence and spiritual “perspective”. A unique sets of skills (gifts) to quickly help you move through your process and current position.

My one session with Brian went like this – we sat down for a casual conversation and because of his friendly, open nature and great listening skills I felt “safe”. I’m surprised at how quickly we moved into serious issues I have been “healing through” and living with. The psychology of shadows, being a child of an alcoholic, what it means to live in “Integrity”, my core beliefs and values, etc… Then an amazing thing happened. Brian made a simple comment on how I had been using a certain “behavior-thought process” as a self protection mechanism, and what the pros and cons of that protection mechanism were, shot and long term. It was like a “light went ON”, and I understood what he was seeing and getting at. My shift was immediate. In one session everything changed… I’ve adopted his “insights” into my daily routine because it makes sense to me, and is aligned with how I want to live. Now, I’m happier, more fulfilled in my daily life, and more productive. His suggestion was exactly what I needed (so insightful)! Another thing that impressed me was Brian’s communication skills, the way he talked, the words he used, the tempo/vibe of our discussion, and how he listened. He has a way of opening you up, he has Major skills! I am forever grateful to him, and know his unique gifts can help others.

Philip A.

As a business owner I was really struggling with making the shift to ask my clients for higher rates. Within one coaching session Brian helped me see the deep rooted block that was keeping me from going for the change that I wanted. During that session Brian helped me shift my perspective and gave me tools to open myself to asking for the rate I wanted. Two days later I was able to tell one client my new rate which was twice what I usually charge, and the client didn’t even bat an eye – plus I felt confident that it was the rate I was worth.

Brian is relaxed and easy going and from what I observed he has a strong intuition and amazing ability to ask the right questions. I’ve been doing years of transformative work, and have worked with several different coaches and facilitators – Brian helped me see something I was never able to recognize before. I will definitely be seeing Brian ongoing for business and life coaching and I recommend his work to others.

Liana T.

Brian Miller is a major blessing to me personally and my relationship. My girlfriend and I went from dating long-distance to moving in together & with that came some challenges…we met with Brian and he was able to help us in communicating, help resolve these issues with an un-biased thrid party point of view, and really he is an incredible listener. He is the type of listener that hears what you are saying between your words and when he repeats what you tried to say, your like “yes, that’s exactly it.”

In our eyes, Brian and his coaching is the unfair advantage you have against other relationships…it’s like having Morpheous on your side. He has helped implement lasting change for the good for us. I have recommended him to others as well and they also had incredible results. Thank God for Brian Miller!

Zach E.

If you’ve read The Power of Now you’ll love sitting with Brian. He’s easy to understand, funnier, and takes complex ideas and makes them easily digestable. It’s like Practical Spirituality! Ha Ha!

I have been on a quest for spiritual understanding for a long time and finally decided to get off the internet and talk to someone in person. I am so glad I did. My conversations with Brian have helped me in so many ways. I moved from being a spiritual introvert to being part of a great like minded community. I went from secretly wanting to be a life coach myself to really being one now. I remember when I worked just to pay the bills and now I do what I love every day.

Brian has given me a huge boost in my confidence and helped me overcome many self limiting beliefs. I am eternally grateful!

Matthew G.